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Find the Perfect Meal on Our Main Menu

At The Plough Inn, we have an extensive menu that is filled with fresh, homecooked meals made to order by our talented chefs. The main menu is served during the following times:

• Sunday – Thursday, 12:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. 

• Friday, Saturday, 12:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m.

Our weekly specials and desserts will be displayed on the blackboards in our dining area. For details about our ‘Plough’ dishes of the day, or to discuss any food allergies, please speak to a member of staff.


  • Tomato & Mozzarella Salad


    Slices of tomato and buffalo mozzarella with a pesto dressing topped with mixed leaves

  • Pâté


    A course pâté served with homemade red onion marmalade, melba toast and a dressed salad

  • Chicken Tikka Skewers


    Tender chunks of chicken marinated in tikka sauce Served with minted yoghurt and dressed salad

  • Battered Halloumi


    Deep fried until golden brown, served with a salsa dip and a dressed salad

  • Trio of Panko Squid Rings


    Deep fried until golden brown, served with a sweet chilli dip and a dressed salad

  • Loaded Potato Skins


    Filled with a choice of ham & cheese, cajun chicken or just cheese, served with sour cream with chive dip and a dressed salad

  • Tempura Battered Prawns


    Served with a tomato salsa and a dressed salad

Sharing Platters

  • Available for 1 or to share

  • The Ultimate Plough Combo

    £9.50 / £18.00

    Chicken goujons, sticky barbeque ribs, breaded mushrooms, chicken tikka skewers, onion rings, garlic bread and mozzarella sticks Served with a dressed salad and trio of dips

  • Chilli Nachos

    £5.95 / £10.50

    Tortilla chips topped with melted cheese, guacamole, sour cream and mild salsa. Served with a choice of chilli con carne, three bean chilli or just cheese

  • Coast to Coast

    £9.95 / £18.25

    Scampi, whitebait, cod goujons, calamari, garlic prawn lollypops, garlic bread, breaded mushrooms and onion rings. Served with a trio of dips and a dressed salad

  • The Mezze Board

    £9.75 / £18.00

    Slices of Parma ham, salami, chorizo, pastrami, mixed olives, roasted peppers, red onion marmalade, humous, bread and a dressed salad

Side Orders

  • Chips


    (50p extra for cheese)

  • Seasonal Vegetables


    (Bread & Butter £1.80)

  • Battered Onion Rings


  • Garlic Bread


    (50p extra for cheese)

Sunday Roasts

  • Adult Roast


  • Smaller Appetite Roast


    A choice of meats or vegetarian nut roast

  • Mixed Roast


    A selection of three meats All served with Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, sausage, roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables and gravy

Jacket Potatoes

  • Hot Buttered Jacket Potato with one choice of filling and served with a dressed salad and coleslaw


    Prawn Marié-Rose ♦ Tuna & Sweetcorn ♦ Baked Beans ♦ Grated Cheese ♦ Chilli Con Carne ♦ Mediterranean Vegetables


  • Served with skinny fries, coleslaw and a dressed salad


    Cheese & Pickle ♦ Tuna & Sweetcorn ♦ Prawn Marié-Rose ♦ Cajun Chicken ♦ Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato


  • Served with skinny fries, coleslaw and a dressed salad


    Prawn Marié-Rose ♦ Cajun Chicken ♦ Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato & Rocket


  • All our salads are served with mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, red onion, grated carrot, boiled egg, croutons, coleslaw and warm new potatoes


    Grilled Hallomi ♦ Chicken & Bacon ♦ Mediterranean Vegetables ♦ Smoked Salmon & Prawn Roulade

Traditional Ploughman’s

  • Choose from Ham, Cheddar Cheese or Pâté


    Served with a dressed mixed salad served with apple, pickle, pickled onion, coleslaw and crusty bread

The Little Foal’s Menu

  • Sausage


    Served with a choice of chips, mash potato or new potatoes and baked beans, peas or salad

  • Fish Goujons


    Served with a choice of chips, mash potato or new potatoes and baked beans, peas or salad

  • Beef Burger in a Bun


    Served with a choice of chips, mash potato or new potatoes and baked beans, peas or salad

  • Chicken Nuggets


    Served with a choice of chips, mash potato or new potatoes and baked beans, peas or salad

  • Mini Mac ‘n’ Cheese


    Served with garlic bread

Stonebaked Pizzas

  • Our pizzas are made with a 12” thin crust base topped with a tomato sauce and mozzarella

  • Margherita


  • Pepperoni


    Topped with sliced pepperoni.

  • The Farmhouse


    Topped with ham, sliced mushroom, red onion and chicken

  • The Hot and Spicy


    Topped with diced Cajun chicken, sliced pepperoni, jalapenos and red onion

  • The Fisherman’s


    Topped with tuna, prawns and sliced onions

  • The Mighty Veggie (V)


    Topped with oven baked Mediterranean vegetables

  • The Meat Feast


    Topped with diced ham, chicken, bacon & pepperoni

  • The Hawaiian


    Topped with diced ham and diced pineapple

  • The Texan


    Topped with diced BBQ chicken, bacon, and red onion

Vegetarian Choices

  • Sweet Potato, Spinach & Chick Pea Curry


    A mild curry served with rice, poppadum and naan bread

  • Vegetable Kiev


    Chopped mixed vegetables bound in breadcrumbs, served with new potatoes and a dressed salad

  • Trio of Vegetarian Sausages


    Served on a bed of mashed potato with fresh vegetables and vegetable gravy

House Favourites

  • Homemade Plough Pie


    A shortcrust pastry pie served with a selection of fresh vegetables, new potatoes and gravy

  • Plough Carved Ham, Eggs & Chips


    Honey roasted ham served two fried eggs, chips and a dressed salad

  • Homemade Beef Lasagne


    Served with garlic bread and a dressed salad

  • Cider Braised Pork Belly


    Pork belly braised in cider, served with wholegrain mustard mash, a selection of fresh vegetables and a cider sauce

  • Hunters Chicken


    Chicken breast topped with crispy bacon, BBQ sauce and melted cheese, served with chips and a dressed salad

  • Beef in Blackbean Sauce


    Served with stir fry noodles tossed in a sweet chilli and soy sauce, served with prawn crackers

Fish Choices

  • Lager & Lime Beer Battered Fish


    Served with chips, peas & homemade tartar sauce

  • Breaded Scampi


    Fried until golden brown and served with chips, peas & homemade tartar sauce

  • Thai Fish Cakes


    Served with a dressed salad, new potatoes & a homemade Thai dressing

  • King Prawns


    Marinated in lime, coriander, sweet chilli and garlic, served with slightly spiced rice and salad

From the Grill

  • House Steak


    Cooked to your liking, served with grilled mushrooms, cherry vine tomatoes, onion rings, chips and peas (Add a sauce: creamy stilton or peppercorn for a £1)

  • Gammon Steak


    10oz gammon steak topped with your choice of egg or pineapple, served with chips, peas and grilled tomato

  • ‘The Plough Rack’

    Half Rack £10.25 / Whole Rack £15.95

    Slow roasted racks of ribs cooked for eight hours in a sweet and tangy barbeque sauce Served with onion rings, skinny fries and a dressed salad

  • All burgers are served with skinny fries coleslaw and a dressed salad

  • Homemade Lamb and Mint Burger


    8oz homemade minted lamb burger topped with melted cheese and red onion marmalade

  • Homemade Pork and Apple Burger


    8oz homemade pork and apple burger topped with cheese and a tomato & onion relish

  • BBQ Beef Burger


    8oz homemade beef burger topped with barbeque sauce, bacon, cheese and an onion ring

  • The Big Chilli


    8oz homemade beef burger topped with chilli con carne, nachos, cheese and sour cream

  • The Cajun Chicken Burger


    Topped with mixed leaves and garlic mayonnaise

  • Goat’s Cheese & Beetroot Burger (V)


    A sweet butternut, beetroot and goat’s cheese burger cooked until golden brown, served in a bap with mixed leaves

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All food is cooked to order and prepared on site, therefore any dietary needs can be accommodated for.


After you have finished your delicious main meal, we have an enticing selection of mouth-watering desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. Details of our desserts can be found on our blackboard. Additionally, we have a variety of coffees and liqueurs for you to choose from.


To complement your food, we have a selection of high-quality wines for you to choose from. Please ask a member of staff to see our full wine list.

Contact our pub and restaurant now, in Tiptoe, Lymington, to discover more about the dishes on our main menu.